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What is an Investor Data Room?

An investor data room is a place where startups can store due diligence documents for investors in a funding round or for acquirers in an M&A transaction. These are documents that do not fit into a pitch deck, or a slideshare presentation, and that prospective financial backers must check before investing or sign off on the term sheet.

Investors want to read these documents since they can assist them in making a decision faster and easier and cut down on the time investment managers spend on the deal. They also feel like being part of the startup team. This helps build trust and gives more informed feedback.

The best investor data rooms provides startups with a clear view of who has access to which information, ensuring sensitive documents do not get into the wrong hands. This transparency also allows startups to personalize their interactions with investors, which will help improve the outcome of a deal.

A shared folder could be used as an investor dataroom seed or angel investors. However, a purpose-built application is a better option, especially for Series A rounds or higher. A cost-effective, professional-grade virtual data room application has more features than consumer grade tools, including advanced file search capabilities as well as advanced security structures. Some even provide digital rights management (DRM) which encrypts files so that they can’t be edited, copied, or printed by anyone outside the platform. CapLinked’s investment data room is a good example of this feature, among others.

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