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The Benefits of a Board Room Portal

A board room portal is an all-in-one software tool that streamlines meeting management by bringing together all the important elements of the boardroom experience into a single package. This includes video conferencing, document storage and sharing, minutes-taking and board book publishing. It also offers a variety of tools for workflow that are real-time to increase productivity and improve engagement during meetings.

A single tool can reduce the need for multiple separate tools, as well as the associated cost. It also lets board members to work on any device, making it easier to access their information and participate in meetings from any location. This is especially important because more millennials and other digital native directors are joining boards, and they expect to be able to access these tools to perform their duties.

Alongside the flexibility of working on any device, software for managing boards can also help save time by removing the need for documents to be sent as emails. This allows for faster planning of meetings, since the board can look over documents and make annotations on any device prior to a meeting. Any last minute changes to the board pack can be added seamlessly and directors notified immediately. Look up any other information or historical information which could be useful in an ongoing discussion.

Other crucial aspects to consider for an online boardroom portal are the ability to integrate with third-party software and the level of support that is offered. Make sure you choose an option that provides extensive training and onboarding sessions to help new and existing users get the most out of the software. Find a service that has international certifications to ensure that your company’s information is safe to be stored and transmitted.

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