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Online Database Software

Online database software enables businesses to easily gather and organize their daily work data while also facilitating data sharing among team members, stakeholders and clients. These tools use a setup module that only assigned administrators have access to and an application interface accessible for all users to secure valuable data and avoid misuse.

There are numerous databases available online. It is crucial to think about the requirements of your company before selecting a program. Look into the database software’ capabilities, including whether they support multi-user platforms, and how many searchable objects and views are supported. These features may not be offered in all products but they’re an important element to look for as they can ensure that your company is able to develop a database tool that matches your business’s needs.

Podio is a fantastic example of a database tool that can adapt to the business structure, processes and the culture. It brings everything from conversations, files billing, and contact information into one system, allowing teams to work together to succeed. This online database software lets users to modify their data using apps from the Podio Marketplace, while granular admin control keeps your information current and secure.

RowShare is another online database software that is easy to use even for non-technical users and requires no programming expertise to create tables. It provides a range of data views and provides different table templates. This program features an option that allows administrators to grant access to individual rows on a case by case basis. This provides security for sensitive data.

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