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How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

The aim of this article is to help you manage your virtual meetings like a pro and get the most benefit of them. Virtual meeting best practices focus on enhancing collaboration, avoiding distractions, and ensuring everyone is engaged. If your online meetings aren’t working, you’re losing the opportunity to build a strong team and productivity gains.

The purpose of your meetings is important. Whether it’s a brainstorming session or workshop on problem-solving, or status update having a clear purpose will keep you on the right track and reach the desired result. It’s also beneficial to define the roles of each participant during the meeting, for example, who’s taking notes or facilitating discussions, which will allow them to feel empowered and motivated to contribute.

Think about using icebreakers or team-building activities to encourage people to attend your virtual meeting. This could include an interactive game or an icebreaker exercise or even dividing the attendees into smaller groups to encourage discussion and brainstorming. Try to be respectful of the privacy of participants and their personal space when doing this so that they feel at ease taking part.

You should have backup plans in case technical issues arise during your virtual meeting. You can prepare a short presentation to present to your virtual meeting attendees or have someone else record notes for you so that you can send the notes following the call. Requesting feedback is a great way to learn what worked well and how you can improve your meeting in the future.

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