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How to Protect Emails From Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals target email due to the fact that it holds sensitive information. Whether it’s your bank account login information or credit card numbers, Social Security number or passwords to online services and websites, a single email account could be the entry point to all aspects of your daily life.

Hackers use email for various cyberattacks ranging from scams like phishing to Trojan spyware, to malware and viruses infecting devices. The information they obtain is used to extort money or identity theft, and is even sold on Dark Web.

Most cyberattacks are opportunists seeking low-hanging fruit that requires minimal effort. Follow these simple best practices for email will make it much more difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to your personal information as well as sensitive files.

Email attachments, like, are not always encrypted. If an attacker is able to gain access to your account, it’s easy to see the contents of your files or send emails containing malicious content from your account to other contacts. You can mitigate this risk by using a password manager app and using a strong password, for example, a combination of lower-case letters, upper-case numbers, and letters. You can also use special symbols.

You can also safeguard your account by keeping personal and work accounts separated and by ensuring you log out your device safely when you are not being used. By using an email portal that offers end to end encryption and DMARC, you can stop email spoofing.

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