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How to Open a Board Meeting

The board chair should note that the board will meet to discuss business. This simple declaration establishes the meeting as official and allows the board chair to address agenda items in a timely manner.

Before discussing agenda items, the board chair makes sure that a quorum present. This is done by calling out the names of everyone present and ensuring that the group is able to hold its official business.

Getting distracted by new discussions topics can consume time and distract you from the most important issues. The idea of having a “parking lot” at the end of your agenda where the group is able to agree to put up random topics to discuss at a later date could aid in reducing this issue. Keep your word to return to the parking lot to decide whether the subject should be further studied, added to the board agenda or delegated.

Once the board has established an quorum and started discussing it is now time to listen to any committee reports that were circulated prior to the meeting. The board will then discuss the items and decide on what to do next. This could mean voting on a resolution, or simply asking members to make a position on a particular topic. Make sure to record all actions and discussions into the minutes of the board. Using a program like Boardable’s Minutes Maker ensures that your board meeting minutes are thorough, organized and easily read by both attendees and non-attendees.

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