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How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

Hosting a board meeting is an arduous task. You must balance ensuring that your team members are engaged, educated and focused, while also creating a welcoming environment that cultivates collaboration and encourages open communication. It is possible to use the best practices when conducting the board meeting remotely or in person.

Getting Sidetracked

New discussion topics that arise during your meeting may eat up your time and distract your team from the main agenda items. It is essential to give new topics the attention that they merit, while remembering your goal of making progress towards your organization’s objectives. One way to do this is to include the word “parking lot” in your agenda, where you can put off non-essential issues for discussion later on.

A clear sequence

An effective board meeting has an established structure that includes the order of business and review of the board book and an explanation of the procedures along with a schedule of upcoming actions including discussion of new and old business, and adjournment. This will help you concentrate on the most important issues and keep your meeting on course.

Focusing your meeting isn’t always simple, especially when a subject causes a lively debate. A spirited discussion can be beneficial if it can help you resolve the issue and move on with your agenda. It’s a waste of time to repeat previous discussions at length during your meeting.

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