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How to Evaluate Board Member Software

Controlling board governance isn’t an easy task. Board members spend a lot of time on preparation for meetings and board book preparation, while their administrative staff spends a significant amount of time scheduling meetings, creating agendas, registering votes and approving minutes.

A top-rated portal software for boards helps make the process more efficient. Board administrators can create an agenda that syncs with each member’s calendar and then quickly create agendas. The board portal can be used for document management and approval. During meetings, the board will be able to effortlessly navigate and access documents with any electronic device. After the meeting, the board member can record and edit minutes while adding tasks or assigning a person to manage the task.

During the board meeting, directors are able to look over a variety of important reports such as committee reports such as fact sheets as well as human resources reports, legal reports and more. When evaluating a Board of directors portal make sure it has options for file sharing to share these reports with the board members prior to and during the meeting.

In addition to the ease of use, board of directors portal providers should provide superior customer service. You can ask for references from companies that have successfully implemented an option. You can also test the customer service system by requesting the speed at which queries are answered and issues are resolved. Consider conducting a board cycle using both your current and previous processes and the new board portal in parallel to ensure that they will be able to work together.

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