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AVG VPN Netflix Review

AVG vpn netflix offers a solid assortment of features at an affordable cost. It is able to unblock Netflix USA Declares and BASSE CONSOMMATION’s iPlayer. It also comes with eight P2P computers to torrent. It comes with a 30-day refund guarantee.

AVG Secure VPN is simple to install on Mac, Windows, and Android devices. It lets you pick which home wi-fi sites to be able to trust or not, and supports multiple connections. It also allows you to connect to devices within your community network even when the VPN is off.

However, despite having a large selection of servers across 30 countries, it isn’t always easy to find a server that works with Netflix. It also collects a great deal of information on the user, including emails, SIM card information, and even location information. This can be considered excessive. It also doesn’t offer a kill switch for websites and only offers annual plans.

Another problem is that AVG’s special streaming servers aren’t able to always work with Netflix, as the service is known for detecting VPN use and aggressively hindering it. In addition, its server network isn’t as extensive as a few competitors, which might cause issues with interconnection and dormancy. It also doesn’t offer a chat or discussion forum, however it does offer basic email support.

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